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Sensi skunk weed strain

Super Skunk was one of the first serious projects to create a next-level marijuana hybrid by crossing the groundbreaking Skunk #1 with an ancient, pure-bred  Sensi Skunk's roots are only partially revealed - Sensi Seeds is a little cryptic when it commercial or industrial growers with large amounts of cannabis seeds. The genetics of Super Skunk link back to Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 and Afghanistan. Skunk #1 is a cross of Mexico, Colombia, and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is an  Nov 8, 2017 We take a look at the history and best growing environment for Skunk #1, a foundational marijuana strain with a delicious smell that lives up to 

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Sensi Skunk is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa OR 85% indica/15% sativa) strain that is a hybrid of the infamous Skunk #1 strain. This celebrity child boasts powerful indica effects that are fueled by an insanely high THC level that typically falls around the 26-28% range. Sens Kaufen Sie Sensi Skunk® Hanfsamen - Sensi Seeds Europäische Varianten von Skunk werden oft dafür gepriesen, süsser und weniger spitz im Geschmack zu sein als ihre nord-amerikanischen Schwestern. Sensi Seeds wollte genau diese Eigenschaft weiterführen, und man hat sich bemüht den zuckrigen Zitrusduft einzufangen, der sich so deutlich abhebt vom üblichen ´Skunk Funk´. Sensi Skunk: Strain Effects, Flavor, THC, Reviews | Strain of Sensi Skunk THC level is 26-28%. Users enjoy this strain with activities such as doing nothing, sleeping. This kush has a 4.3 out of 5 rating, based on 36 user votes. About Sensi Skunk Strain. Sensi Skunk from Sensi Seeds is a potent Skunk #1 hybrid that offers a sweet citrus flavor in contrast with the earthy, herbal aroma typical of Skunk

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Find information about the Sensi Skunk cannabis strain including user reviews, its most common effects, where to find it, and more. You can expect your high to begin with a wave of euphoria that's intense yet welcome, bringing you to a place of bliss in a matter of minutes. Sensi Skunk is an indica cannabis strain that has a pungently sweet and orange-like aroma with skunky undertones. When ready for reaping, its buds are  Sensi Skunk: A golden-oldie! Sensi Skunk is a hybrid that sits on the indica side of the indica sativa spectrum. This strain has graced the cannabis smoking and 

You can expect your high to begin with a wave of euphoria that's intense yet welcome, bringing you to a place of bliss in a matter of minutes.

Wikileaf: Super Skunk Marijuana Strain Information Its parent, Skunk #1, is a reliable and legendary strain that first created Shiva Skunk. Three years later came Super Skunk, which the breeder, Sensi Seeds, calls the first hybrid breeding project with Afghani roots. The breeder says that Super Skunk adds potency, weight, and flavor to Skunk #1 and Shiva Skunk. Strain Review: Sensi Skunk - Zamnesia Blog If you're looking for a solid performer, Sensi Skunk by Sensi Seeds might be your next go-to strain. Since her initial release in 1991, she's satisfied countless growers with dependable results time and time again. Genetically, she hasn't changed a bit since then. Sensi Skunk Automatic (Sensi Seeds) - Zativo